Thursday with 1 note / reblog
life at the moment
tumblr’s not very good at making gifs so this is the best i got
i got my new headphones a few days ago so what better way to enjoy them
also, i live in a boy’s room which explains the posters
Sunday with 0 notes / reblog
this is me at the lakes a few weeks ago and my hair is even longer now but last night a girl said she wants her hair to be like mine and i said ‘but i haven’t dyed in a while’ and she replied ‘yeah that’s why’
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went to the lakes today
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i wish i was born with wavy hair
Friday with 3 notes / reblog
i can curl my hair! (slightly) 
but umm yeah i won free tickets to krafty kuts tonight which makes me ecstatic
and i have weed as well. looking forward to a good night out
Saturday with 1 note / reblog
out tonight
danny byrd, tc, crissy criss. tonight is going to be amazing!!!
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so far uni’s been good
Friday with 1 note / reblog
first night out since i came back
jungle in town tonight
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i look different to how i used to look like two weeks ago
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are you fuckin kidding me
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it is so incredibly hot and sunny outside and i have an exam but afterwards i’m going volunteering outdoors so yeah
Saturday with 3 notes / reblog
back in january
Saturday with 3 notes / reblog
i got a hair cut today
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